No Excuses for Failure

23 May

It’s truly amazing, when you think about all that God has done for us, there is absolutely no excuse for not walking out what we were created to be. God created us for relationship. He created us for a Father son/daughter relationship. I rarely refer to God as God, God is my Father. Father created […]

Positioning Yourself to Receive

16 May

Finding Strength in Weakness Why do we find it so hard to yield? It seems we will do anything to keep ourselves from looking weak and vulnerable. When you don’t know who you are, you will always try to portray who you believe you should be. There is an amazing revelation in positioning yourself to […]

Becoming your Best 2

9 May

There is a truth to your life. Jesus died for you to enable you to walk out that truth. Jesus wants to manifest himself to you so He can reveal Himself through you. Jesus ministers through you. You determine what Jesus has to work with. The transformation of your life will be determined by your […]

Becoming Your Best

2 May

Everyone I come in contact with should be blessed with the opportunity to see an aspect of Jesus through my life. Jesus and I are one. Jesus takes my uniqueness and makes my uniqueness effective through his perfection. Matthew 6:19 – 33  19 Do not [a]gather and heap up and store up for yourselves treasures on […]

Momentum through Opposition

25 Apr

To live out your best, you must be prepared to face whatever opposes your best. You don’t know your best until you destroy the opposition of your best. My best is never realized until it’s challenged. The definition of opposition is resistance expressed in action or argument. We are in a war. War is an […]

It’s Why I’m Alive

18 Apr

Why am I alive? I have been summonsed. I am alive for a purpose. Jesus sought me out and found me. I was carnally alive but spiritually dead. Now I am dead carnally and alive spiritually. I was dead spiritually. I was ineffective. I had deceptive life. It appeared to be life, but it was […]

Living Free to Live Effective

11 Apr

A son or daughter of God, filled with Godly wisdom and integrity grows in the respect of others, and they are blessed with effectiveness because they can make corrections, give advice and counsel that does not fall on a deaf ear, created by the spirit of offense. The ultimate target of the cross was not […]

Glory Destroys Shame

4 Apr

Destroying Ineffectiveness, Compromise, and Shame “If there is a glory to fall short of, then there certainly is a glory to attain” I don’t want to have to wear a name tag with a title so that people can recognize what I believe, I want my life — the life of a born again, Spirit […]

Love Creates Leaders

28 Mar

As Holy Spirit began to give me the teaching for this week, Holy Spirit revealed the amazing link between what it takes to be a leader, and how closely it is associated with what biblical love looks like. 1 Corinthians 13:4 – 7 4 Love endures long and is patient and kind; love never is envious […]

Demanding Truth 4

21 Mar

Revealing the Glory of God Glory is God expressing himself. God is love. God is awesomely good. God is light and God is life. When Godly love, goodness, light, and life come on the scene you have the glory of God. God does not get glory in our suffering, God gets glory when we press […]